We are a boutique consultancy helping companies, startups and NPOs to better develop, engage and retain their talents. We support HR Leaders as experts and trusted advisors, helping them in realizing their objectives. 


Beyond Best Practice

Your company is unique. So should be your set of HR practices. Beyond Best Practice means questioning conventional wisdom and finding solutions, which fit perfectly to your business. 



The way you organize your projects matters. Agile approaches are uniquely designed to increase employee satisfaction and relevance of your HR initiatives. 



Our gut feelings are important, but should not allow us to ignore data. We support you in systematically using your data to make the best decisions for your initiative.


Small projects, big impact

We believe that significant impact often yields from carefully chosen measures and not necessarily from big budgets. You might just need us for a day or for many days over several weeks - we are as flexible as you need us to be. 

How we can support you

  • Develop and implement effective talent management practices 
  • Increase feedback, effectiveness and cooperation
  • Use an employee survey as a driver for change
  • Support you in leveraging your HR data to make better decisions 
  • Reduce unwanted attrition
  • Use job evaluation to develop a robust compensation structure
  • Ensure Equal Pay


 415 797 8234 (US)

0179 4861713 (Germany)

We are located in San Francisco and Northern Germany. 

About Aumann Analytics

Silke Aumann founded Aumann Analytics after working many years as HR Consultant and Manager. She is has extensive experience in HR project management, talent & leadership development, organizational development and job evaluation. She is working in cooperation with a network of independent consultants.


Silke will offer an online training (in German) about agile project management in HR and organizational development at the Akademie Deutscher Genossenschaften ADG, one of the leading management academies in Germany. 


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