Job Evaluation



Job Evaluation made easy

Job evaluation is a standardized approach to analyze and evaluate jobs within an organization. It provides a powerful tool to develop effective compensation structures including pay bands and eligibility for variable pay and benefits. By enabling a well-grounded job matching process, it offers a solid foundation of salary benchmarks and market comparisons. In addition, job evaluation can be used to design career paths and to analyze organizational structures.

Gradar is the most reasonably priced and most leading-edge job evaluation system on the market. It is a perfect fit for start-ups looking for a better approach to handling compensation, for price-sensitive NPOs, and for any company that is ready to replace an outdated system.

We are official partner of Gradar, an international, state-of-the-art factor-based job evaluation system with automated job matching. Silke Aumann from Aumann-Analytics worked closely with QPM, the provider of Gradar, during its development. She has extensive experience with job evaluation.

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